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Be WITH Kids Safety Starter Guide

Teaching kids safety - creating a better world

Welcome to Be WITH Kids safety:


We shed light and love on the topic nobody wants to talk about.


We help kids become responsible and prepared to be safe on their own by focusing on the system approach and positive and empowering experiences (instead of sweeping this topic under the rug pretending it doesn't exist, or worse, scaring kids).


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Parent: I don't need it now - I'm too busy.

Me: When you NEED this, it's too late.


"Teach Your Child Safety With People" intro class

Free online course for parents of kids 3-10 years old

Do you want:

  • Your child to be safe with strangers and other people around him?
  • Learn safety skills positively and practically?
  • Be prepared and worry you less?

You are at the right place!

Join this free class and go from fear to confidence.

How can I help you?

I will empower you with the knowledge and confidence to overcome your fear and start teaching safety to your kids.

I will help you teach safety positively and practically and make your parenting a little bit easier.


What is the secret?

Most parents ask:

"How can I keep my kids stay safe when I am not around?"

"How can I explain scary, uncomfortable things and do not scare my child?"

"How do I make sure kids remember?"


The short answer:

With the help of drills, safety games, and experiences.


The long answer:

I created Be WITH Kids: Safety with People training to share with you all the research, games, tips, and tricks we've learned.

My GOAL is to make sure YOUR kids can use these skills in a dangerous situation.


If I can teach it, you can too - and it is easier than you think!

Why do I do this?

Keeping little kids safe is our parenting responsibility while they are in our care.


I take you to the next level by

teaching kids how to keep THEMSELVES safe.

That means giving them safety skills for all their life and creating a safer world for everyone.


I want YOUR kids to be safe.

This course will help you teach the skills kids can retain - in a positive way.


What parents say: “Well, instead of dreading teaching this subject, I am now looking forward to starting it.” – Liz, Mom


P.S. If you are wondering about who I am, you can read it here.



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Step by step plan for teaching your child safety

Level 1: Foundations class

Step 1: Test your child's safety level

Check how safe is your child when you are not around.


Step 2: Teach your child safety with strangers

At this step, we teach kids how to be safe communicating with strangers.

How to prevent trouble, how to recognize signals of danger, how to get out of most common situations related to people's unsafe behaviors.

Level 2: Advanced classes (available after completion of Level 1)

Step 3: Help your child stand up for his boundaries

A backbone of your child's confidence and ability to stand up for himself.

We help kids figure out their values, rights, and duties.

Kids build healthy boundaries, learn to recognize when someone crosses them, and practice correct responses.

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Step 4: Teach your child safety in a public place

One thing unties all parents - we hate it when our kids get lost.

This class is about what you can do before going to an event to find each other quickly if being separated in a public place.

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Step 5: Teach your child ultimate safety

Make your child prepared for almost any safety situation.

We talk about Sexual safety, Internet, City skills, Getting help, Emergency plans, Household safety, Fire, Dangerous objects, Play-dates, First-aid, Water, Animals, Shooting, Public events, Crowd emergency, Natural disasters, and many more.

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Try it free

Do you want your child to be safe with people?

Do you want to know the big picture of teaching safety positively?

Do you want your child to be safe when you are not around?

In situations you have never discussed? 


Enroll in a Free online course for parents of kids 3-10 years old

"Teach Your Child Safety With Strangers (and other people)"


Teach Your Child Safety with Strangers

Do you want:

  • Your child to be safe with strangers and other people around him?
  • Learn safety skills in a positive, and practical way?
  • Be prepared and worry you less?

Join this free class and go from fear to confidence.

When your child breaks a safety rule he didn’t know, it may be too late to teach the rule.

Don't wait until it's too late. Our kids are the most precious of what we have - protect them.



Join other smart parents - download a Checklist of safety rules every child should know.


Be WITH Kids has a support community - join like-minded parents who care about safety.


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