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Teach Your Child "Safety With Strangers in a Positive Way"

A 3-hour course helping you teach kids safety with strangers and self-defense in a modern and positive way.

The course is based on hands-on games (no device needed), practical drills and real-life experiences.

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Stranger Safety Be WITH kids


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Test your child's safety level #bewithkids

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How you can promote Be WITH Kids Safety With Strangers training

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Ideas for the posts and emails

  • Your own concerns and stories about how you were teaching your kids safety (please don't share your own past negative experience)
  • How did this course changed your perspective on teaching safety
  • What was your biggest insight that you've learned from the course
  • What was the most useful part of the course (briefly)
  • Why would you personally recommend this course
  • Share your experience on how you played one of the practical games teaching safety (photo, video)
  • Tips for using this course the best way