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"How to Teach Your Child Safety in a Positive Way" - free online live class for parents of kids 3-10 years old.

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Do you want to take your child's safety to the next level?

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  • Access to the group of like-minded caring parents.
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  • + Accountability and friends sharing their success and failures in teaching kids safety.

When you are one-on-one with your fears and concerns, they are intimidating. 

When you see other people overcoming them, it helps you overcome yours.


Who is your coach?

Hi, I'm Erine Joy, founder of Be WITH Kids.

Our super-active kids inspired us for this training by crash-testing all possible safety measures.

We couldn't find any modern, empowering, hands-on safety curriculums, so we sought help from safety professionals to create an innovative one.

And now we are sharing it with you.

Our life is so much easier, and yours can be too!

P.S. I'm also a CEO of a software company and an entrepreneur.

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What parents say about our programs ...

(All classes are testes and approved by parents - just like you)


“I loved the games for teaching kids to say No, and how to end the conversation.

We're always nagging at them to speak to people and say "please" and "thank you", but never about how to shut down someone that's invading their space in an inappropriate way.”

— Stella Nadene, mom


“The new things I haven’t thought before? Teaching my child how to break the rules when needed. How to give him permission to defend himself. The part about learning self defense sparked something for me.”

— Shophia Koulakis, mom

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