Homeschool recommendations for elementary school

Homeschool Recommendations (Elementary)

Our approach to homeschool


We don't follow one boxed curriculum, we use parts of many to create our own program.

We have always been homeschooling because we believe we can build an environment where our kids can thrive.

We did not find a perfect school to cover all of our needs, but we did lots of co-ops, classes, and programs instead.



Our goal is to raise kids as entrepreneurial, global, self-directed, and self-motivated learners who build their lives by design.

For that, we try to support our kids' strengths, learning styles, and interests as much as we can.


Our challenges

Our kids are advanced in math and science.

But we have some challenges too: my older one has dyslexic tendencies, my younger one is very athletic and sensory seeking, both are bilingual, plus very active and outdoorsy.

I'm sharing with you what helped us with dyslexia, special needs education, visual-spatial learning, learning motivation, socialization, ADHD, sensory and emotional regulation, extreme sensitivity, introversion, energy, and time management.


We also do lots of builds, arts, and experiments. We are mindful of screen time (that we plan and curate to find good shows and movies), we have no cable TV, and no video games.


Our lifestyle

You will usually find us around animals, nature, travels, outdoors, bikes, boats, hiking, camping, swimming, and all sorts of sports.


Is it going to work for you?

The resources I recommend will work if something relates:

  1. You are Christian, but prefer to keep religion and academics separate (we do not use religiously loaded material for academics. And we stand on the creation of the world model, but we teach kids that not everyone believes that). We keep Christian education as a separate subject not mixing it into math, for example.
  2. You need solutions for special education
  3. You work from home or do not want to spend 5 hours a day teaching, sitting next to your child (instead, see yourself as a person who can organize the system, teach some subjects, and provide support when necessary)
  4. You are brave enough to give your child room to grow into the best person they are meant to be, not to fulfill your expectations
  5. You want to organize the system where your child pulls himself towards his goals, not you drag him through the school work


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