DoTERRA Cleanse and Restore

DoTERRA Cleanse and Restore


If you know my story with doTERRA this program was a life-changer for me and my family.

We were able to tame inflammation, allergies, and asthma symptoms.

Hopefully, it may support your family as well.

There is a kid-friendly option that we loved as well.

Keep in mind: if you do the program, you will need all the supplements in the kit. They help you get in and out of the program safely.

It will last you several cleanses and you can continue using some of the supplements on a daily basis as well.

Safety precaution: do not attempt to save money by doing partial cleansing.

I will show you how to buy it the best way to save the most and gain the most.

If you do it with kids, you will need to make some substitutes.


If you do this program with kids you will need a kid-friendly version of some products:

  1. Zendocrine and DDR in a form of essential oil in a bottle, not in a capsule, to make rollers for the topical applications. Grown-ups can drop them into the empty veggie capsules and take them internally - that's what I do. You can diffuse them and apply topically as well - they are versatile.
  2. GXassist capsules will be replaced with the cleansing roller for kids as well.
  3. Probiotics kids formula will come in a form of powder, not capsules.

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Enrollment instructions are here.