DoTERRA product journey guide

DoTERRA product journey guide

Read this first:

I've been with doTERRA for a while and we use it almost exclusively for our health, self-care, and home needs.

I recommend starting small and building your toolbox over time with the Loyalty Reward Program (saves you a ton of money + gives you free products)


DoTERRA works best if you follow these steps:

1. Enroll with the enrollment kit of oils or supplements

2. Subscribe to the Loyalty Reward Program and customize your monthly Wellness box with the products addressing your needs

3. Replace your beauty or home care products when you run out of them with the natural ones from doTERRA

4. Share your impression with the friends

5. Earn a supplemental income or build a business if that interests you


At the end of this post, I will show you my routines and what (and how) I use on a regular basis.

My favorite care products, supplements, and oils

Energy support for moms

Life Long Vitality DoTERRA

LifeLong Vitality pack

My daily supplements for the essential building blocks missing in modern nutrition.

The most popular doTERRA product and one of the cleanest on the market:

Alpha CRS+ - for

MicroPlex VMz - for

xEOmega - for

They are the foundation of balanced body chemistry.

Mit2Max doTERRA


These are life savers when working on a big project requiring lots of energy or when in need of a "pick me up".

They help your cells process and exchange oxygen and nutrients faster.

I love that they give you a steady level of energy, that they are not stimulants, and do not cause a pendulum effect afterward.


Slim&Sassy essential oil blend

Take it internally in the veggie caps (or in softgels) to help metabolic systems run smoothly.

Use topically with coconut oil to promote circulation.

They help you "mommy tummy" stay nice and flat (-ish ­čÖé

Wild orange doTERRA

Wild Orange essential oil

I add it to smoothies and hand lotions.

It's the oil of happiness that gets you (and yours) out of pitty and funk mood immediately.

A must-have for over-thinking, over-worrying, and over-doing moms.


Restful sleep

Serenity softgels doterra

Serenity softgels

Take them one hour before bed and sleep like a queen. You will notice you wake up refreshed and energized.

You will also need less time to recover from sleep deprivation.

Doterra copaiba softgels

Copaiba softgels

More gentle than Serenity softgels Copaiba helps with calming your nervous system.

You can take it at any time of the day.

I love them when there is just too much to process on my schedule.

Serenity doterra blend

Serenity essential oil blend

Diffuse it with Balance or Wild Orange in the evening and your house will go to bed happily and peacefully.

Also, a great oil to diffuse for reducing the tension after a rough moment.

Also, try putting it on your feet, cover with shea butter, and sleep in socks for an effortless spa effect.


Doterra Balance Blend

Balance essential oil blend

Gender-neutral, earthy, grounding blend.

Smells wonderful, promotes "hygge" warmth, and creates a feeling of a cabin in the forest.

Gently brings your wandering mind back and washes out the anxiety.

Doterra lavender essential oil

Lavender essential oil

I love it in the lotions and in the blends.

The smell is strong for me.

So I diffuse it in the large areas at bedtime.


Doterra Copaiba essential oil

Copaiba essential oil

A very feminine oil unveiling the best parts of your delicate side.

Gentle aroma, great for skin, perfect "time slower".

A good "hush" tool for putting a busy mind into bed especially if your today's events keep swirling and talking to your tomorrow's to-do list.

Doterra Petitgrain Essential oil


Masculine version of lavender.

Promotes the best sleep ever if you put it on your feet and cover with a carrier oil.

The aroma is controversial, but I love that petitgrain never causes me vivid dreaming.

I use it daily on my feet and never diffuse.


Doterra Roman Chamomile essential oil

Roman camomile

A very feminine floral oil that feels like a hug from a best friend.

Soothes the skin, relaxes your muscles, makes a great after-shower moisturizer in a mix with almond oil.

Cleanse and restore

If you know my story with doTERRA this program was a life-changer for me and my family.

We were able to tame inflammation, allergies, and asthma symptoms.

Hopefully, it may support your family as well.

This program includes specialty supplements + Life Long Vitality pack vitamin complex and lemon essential oil and it comes in a convenient kit.

Zendocrine doterra

Zendocrine detox complex (capsules) 

Whole-food botanical extracts + enzymes to help cleanse the colon, liver, kidney, lungs, and skin.

It makes me feel good in my skin during allergy seasons and also keeps my air pathways free (part of the first stage of the 30cleanse program).

Can be taken separately if you need a light detox.

Zendocrine softgels

Zendocrine softgels

The second (stronger) part of the Zendocrine duo - contains an essential oil blend supporting your body's natural detoxification system and helping with purifying unwanted substances (part of the first stage of the 30cleanse program).

Gx-assist doterra

GXAssist capsules

A blend of essential oils + caprylic acid supporting a healthy digestive tract by creating an unfriendly environment for potential threats that can disrupt digestive immunities and cause digestive upset.

If you have pastry or sugar cravings or make emotional choices over your food, you will feel a difference after this stage suddenly noticing your body prompting you into healthier decisions.

P.S. Over a year we became almost completely free of sugar, gluten, and dairy.

(part of the second stage in the 30cleanse program).

PB Assist doterra

PBAssist probiotics capsules

Probiotics and pre-biotics that encourage friendly bacterial growth.

(part of the third stage of the 30cleanse program).

Can be taken separately from the program when you need more defense.

DDR Prime doterra softgels

DDR prime cellular complex softgels

A blend of essential oils to support cellular health, function, and renewal.

(part of the third stage of the 30cleanse program).

Feels refreshing and gives you tons of energy in a natural way.

Doterra terrazyme digestzen

DigestZen TerraZyme Enzyme Complex

Whole-food enzymes supporting healthy digestion and cellular metabolism of nutrients to energy.

A must-have in any house. For clear skin, flat tummy, and naturally higher energy levels - it's the best self-care supplement for any mom.

Big secret - this one will help you cope with occasional overeating, but don't do it often.

(part of all three stages of the cleanse30 program)

Click here to see the description of the program and how to buy this kit in the most efficient way.

Digestive system

DigestZen softgels


Peppermint softgels


Peppermint beadlets


Digestive tab



I take these oils internally in the veggie capsules, diffuse them and apply topically in the rollers (when we do cleanses with kids)




(phase 1 liver support during the 30cleanse program)

DDR prime

(phase 3 cellular renewing blend during the 30cleanse program)







Motivate blend roll


Motivate blend roll


Peppermint TOUCH roll


Face, hair, and body care

Verage skincare collection

(cleanser, toner, serum, moisturizer)

SPA collection body

(body wash, body lotion, body butter)

Haircare collection

(shampoo, conditioner, serum)

Balance deodorant


OnGuard toothpaste


OnGuard mouthwash


Fractionated coconut oil


Lip balm







Jasmine TOUCH

Whisper (pure perfume oil)

Rosemary (hair growth)

Immortelle roll




Adaptive softgels



Essential aromatics TOUCH collection

Yoga collection

Elevation blend





OnGuard softgels

OnGuard beadlets





OnGuard Sanitizing mist

Healthy inflammation response, pain, and sports support


Deep Blue Polyphenol capsules

Turmeric capsules

Copaiba softgels



Aromatouch massage blend




Past Tense TOUCH

Laure leaf (joints and muscle inflammation)


+Deep Blue rub after or before a workout

Women's health


Bone nutrient



Clary calm TOUCH







Breathe TOUCH

Breathe stick



Clean home

OnGuard cleaning concentrate



Tea tree


Lemon eucalyptus


Terrashield bug spray

Correct X cream








Cinnamon bark



Pink pepper




Make it a subscription magnet and add spiritual habits maybe? And my entire system of time management too?

My daily wellness routine:


1. Diffuse wake-up oils:  yoga collection, adaptive, whisper, elevation, spearmint

2. Scrape, tongue, brush teeth with onGuard toothpaste

3. Drink 500 ml of water (I keep drinking water in my bathroom and drink a huge glass any time I'm there)

4. 1 tablespoon of coconut oil (unrefined) mixed with one drop of slim&sassy essential oil - to start the digestive and cleansing systems

5. Face, hair and body care products (see the list below)

5. PBAssist probiotics

6. Green juice / smoothie + daily supplements (Life Long Vitality Pack, Terrazyme) + specialty supplements (I rotate one of Mito2Max, Deep Blue, and Bone nutrient)


During the day:

1. Occasional supplements as needed: TriEase when it's allergy season, OnGuard for the flu, Turmeric for the inflammation, Copaiba for the emotional balance, digestion softgels (see the list below)

2. Oils according to the needs (focus, calm, cheer up, ground, release, unwind, etc.)

3. Outdoors time daily

4. Sports time daily

5. 4L+ of water

6. 5+ cups greens or veggies



1. Diffuse Serenity + Balance

2. Serenity capsule at 9.30 pm

3. Beauty routine

4. Epsom salt foot soak or full bath

5. Petitgrain or Lavander on feet + shea butter