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I'm Katherine Joy, and we are a "be WITH kids" family.


My husband and I met at high school, and now we have 7 and 9-year-old boys.


Being a supersensitive gifted mom, I  inspire people to see things differently.


I created Be WITH Kids to help you with homeschooling, dyslexia, special needs education, visual-spatial learning, motivation, socialization, ADHD, sensory and emotional regulation, extreme sensitivity, introversion, mom's energy, time management, home organization, boundaries, and teaching safety in a positive way.


Our kids have always been homeschooled to accommodate an explosive cocktail of being smart, independent, and advanced (it runs in the family, so we get them).

To redirect that tsunami (and keep mom's sanity), we teach kids to be entrepreneurial, global, self-directed, and self-motivated learners who build their lives by design they choose. Not the easiest way, but so worth it.

In between the academic sessions, they run covered in mud, paint, and clay, smelling like fish, and God-knows-what teaching other kids how to play old-school games and revoking nostalgic memories in their parents about their screen-free childhood.


If you came over, you would see (and most likely can't resist joining) lots of DIY projects, builds, arts, and experiments.


Being very mindful of our screen time, we have no TV and no video games. And we plan and curate our entertainment content (no one has time for that anyway).


You will usually find us around animals, trails, hikes, bikes, boats, camps, swimming holes, field trip attractions, and all sorts of sports.


My husband is an engineer, and I come from a tech world and management.


People say we are a kind, normal family that cares.


We've been through a lot, teaching us to live fully and never take anything for granted.


We are Christian and speak multiple European languages.


And we love to share (and discover) the best places to go as a "be WITH kids" family around Austin, TX.


On a personal note, I share my journey as a DoTERRA wellness advocate who overcame severe allergies in my family (Austin friends, I feel you).


We live an active, natural life, read ingredients on the food, avoid sugar, dairy, and gluten - and eat primarily veggies, fruit, and greens.

We use doTERRA natural products for cleaning and beauty care.


I teach other moms to feel at their strongest, reduce toxic load, and support their families using doTERRA essential oils, supplements, and care products.


We also have a software company that does outsourcing services, application development, and databases.


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Hugs from our family to yours

Katherine Joy